Our Growth

Generating more than 100% revenue year after year

At Suwarnsparsh, we have achieved phenomenal business growth and business transformation since we started in 2009. As our authentic product range, customer support, and business understanding grew, we received immense response from customers across India to offer high quality within their budget. Although we gave grown in numbers as well as geographically, our true success stories are the tales of our satisfied and growing number of customers.

One of the key stimuli for our growth has been our end to end customer service and support. Initially, we started with just one store in Mumbai in October, 2009. But, today, we boast of 50 stores, wherein we have more than 600 professionals dedicated to various functions of our business. We have our offices located in Mumbai, Pune, Bangkok and Sri Lanka. We help our global customers with utmost quality and ensure complete satisfaction.

We are consistently winning over the competition by generating more than 100% revenue year after year. One of the key reasons for our exceptional growth is our flare to offer the best products at the best price. We like to welcome our customers to make an honest assessment and comparison of our products with other available products in the market and eventually, all our customers realize that they get the best value for their money at Suwarnsparsh. We have been striving for continuous growth for past few years and will continue to pursue success by delivering top quality and expanding our business further in years to come.

Our Philosophy

Suwarnsparsh Gems and Jewellery Ltd. is cognizant of the jewellery trends and supplements fashion industry in the contemporary marketplace. We are trusted by our customers for 100% certified gemstones. Our jewellery collection is a specimen of innovation, style and creativity. Suwarnsparsh has a broad range of mesmerizing gems and jewellery, precisely customized to the preferences and choice of its customers.